Are ‘See Now, Buy Now’ Shows Driving Sales?

Data provided to BoF by retail analytics platform Edited, which tracked global sales on the e-commerce sites of Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Topshop Unique, which all staged shoppable shows, showed that three items from Burberry’s 175-piece ‘see now, buy now’ womenswear collection have sold out since the show (a cashmere sweater, a cashmere top and a bowling shirt). Brands and retailers reported a mix of attention-grabbing runway pieces and more accessibly-priced products like cosmetics and eyewear in terms of the product categories generating the most sales. The real test will be in the coming months, to see if sales tail off, if the brands and retailers replenish items that sold well right after the show and if ‘see now, buy now’ leads to higher sales for the full retail season.

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