Chief Nurse & Director of Allied Health Professionals, Whittington Health

London’s most developed integrated care organisation, Whittington Health brings together a distinctive mix of joined-up acute and community pathways, established partnerships with local government, and well-performing adults’ and children’s services across North Central London. Serving diverse communities with deep attachments to the Trust, Whittington Health’s mission is “Helping local people live longer, healthier lives”, and its 4,400 colleagues have worked with huge commitment, skill and determination to support patients and their families through the pandemic. Looking ahead, Whittington Health will continue to invest in its particular expertise with women, children and frail adults, while deepening its partnerships with the Royal Free, UCLH and other partners to enable patients to access specialist care quickly, and caring for a population of up to 500,000 people as close to their homes as possible.

This is an important, exciting time for Whittington Health: patients’ long-term health and well-being needs are increasingly clear and urgent, and London’s Integrated Care Systems are establishing themselves formally in response, while COVID-19 continues to put people and their health and care services under pressure. Whittington Health’s long-standing commitment to, and understanding of, integrated care will enable it to respond to these challenges with a values-driven response that keeps the organisation at the forefront of both integrated care and partnership working. In parallel, reflecting both its colleagues and communities, advancing equality, diversity and inclusion to reduce health inequalities and make Whittington Health truly an employer of choice is a critical strategic goal for the Trust.

This is a wonderful opportunity to join the leadership team of an organisation that has been at the forefront of integrated care through the next stage of its development.

The Chief Nurse & Director of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) of Whittington Health provides motivating, inclusive, professional leadership to c.2,000 of Whittington Health’s most valued colleagues and has a central leadership role across the Trust’s most important strategic priorities. Leading across both community and acute services with equal priority, the Chief Nurse and Director of AHPs is responsible for the delivery of high quality services through the nursing, midwifery and AHP populations within the Trust, and is central to the development of Whittington Health’s friendly, professional and inclusive working culture. An established nursing leader, they may come from either an acute or community service background, and will be passionate about the development of integrated care, and ready to work closely with partners across local government and the NHS, building constructive, proactive relationships and inspiring further collaboration. Whether a first-time Chief Nurse or experienced in the role, they will be a visible, engaged leader, with a demonstrable commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, to the reduction of health inequalities, and a track record building working cultures in which all their colleagues can thrive.

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The MBS Group are acting as Whittington Health’s advisors on this appointment. To apply please send a covering letter and CV to by midday, Thursday 24th March 2022.