How the data revolution will change every element of business as we know it

As the global news cycles of recent weeks starkly demonstrate, we are on the precipice of the global data revolution. Companies, organisations, governments, regulators and individuals are starting to understand the value, power and potential of the data they hold.

The paper explores the untapped potential data holds for businesses, the imminent arrival of GDPR, the power of so-called “Big Data” and the state of the rapidly-expanding data talent pool in the market today. And beyond the nascent Chief Data Officer, Chief Customer Officer and Chief Data Scientist roles we are now partnering with clients on with increasing frequency, we’re seeing a clear trend in which every executive role now demands a significant comprehension of data and analytics.

Of the conclusions we draw from our research and interviews, the most stark is this: those who embrace data and its potential stand to thrive in the future. By the same token, those who fail to will simply not survive.

Read the white paper here: Harnessing the power of data | @SteRosenthal | @TheMBSGroup