Tracking progress on diversity and inclusion in UK retail 2024

The MBS Group has partnered with the BRC for the fourth year of research into D&I in the UK retail sector.

The report draws on three sources. First, MBS research, which encompasses data captured from the industry’s leading businesses through conversations with Chairs, CEOs and CHROs, and analysis of retailers’ leadership teams. Second, workforce data from the BRC survey of D&I Charter Signatories, which includes 53 retailers comprising a workforce of more than 1 million (almost 40% of the total UK retail workforce). Third, an assessment of inclusion based on the views of individuals across different demographic characteristics in retail, using the Retail Trust’s “Better You” tool.

The report finds that some good progress has been made on the diversity of leadership teams, but that the impact of inclusion strategies are not being felt on the shop floor.

Read the full report here.