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With nearly two decades' experience working with digital disruptors and innovators, we have strengthened our network of contacts and partnered with some of the best recognised players at different stages of growth, from start-ups to large transformational omnichannel businesses. Our adaptable and flexible approach allows us to unearth both future and experienced leaders in a rapidly-changing digital landscape.

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31 March 2020 - 8:06

Uber and Deliveroo offer NHS free trips and food The startups have both announced plans to offer their services to NHS workers free of charge. Uber is giving away 200,000 rides worth up to £15 and 100,000 free meals from Uber Eats. Meanwhile, Deliveroo has committed to delivering 500,000 meals. Read more.

31 March 2020 - 8:02

Microsoft to launch a version of Teams for consumers Dubbed 'Teams for your personal life' by Microsoft, the new version will feature a number of tools that make it easy for families and small groups to organise events, share information and make video calls. Read more.

30 March 2020 - 7:43

Apple unveils Covid-19 screening website The tech giant has launched its own coronavirus screening website, providing a tool which gives users information about whether or not they should get tested for Covid-19. The website and app has been developed alongside the White House, CDC and FEMA. Read more.