Functional Expertise


In a time of risk and uncertainty, clients are reassured by our rigorous and thorough process - delivered at pace, in part thanks to our ability to pull in resources and knowledge from right across our business. Using insights gained from meeting thousands of candidates each year, we are well placed to find exceptional business leaders.

CFO & Finance

Exceptional financial leaders combine technical knowledge with great relationship skills, allowing them to collaborate closely with the CEO, board and external stakeholders. Through our experience working with finance leaders across all ownership structures - including public, private and private equity - we have built up a working knowledge of the evolving role CFOs play.


The board's role is to challenge and support the executive, requiring a combination of experience and diversity of thought. Our 27 years of experience looking in unlikely places and building relationships with senior leaders enables us to bring a broad, but focused perspective to building boards.

Commercial & Sales

Exceptional commercial leaders combine a strong commercial focus with relationship building and an open approach to identifying new revenue streams and partnerships to make a real difference to the bottom line.


The MBS Group has always stood out for our ability to identify creative visionaries. We have seen many of our earliest clients and candidates go on to be some of the most recognised names in their industries, while continuing to work with a new generation of talent.


As the role of the CMO evolves with changing consumer behaviour and new tools and technology to reach customers, The MBS Group is renowned for its experience unearthing truly exceptional marketing leaders.


Whether it's digital operations, multi-site operations or manufacturing, clients across all consumer-facing industries seek best-in-class training, reliable leadership skills and an innovative approach to improvement in their operational leaders.

Human Resources

Effective HR leaders truly align the people strategy with the needs and future opportunities of the business they serve. Our experience spans all key HR functions and we have supported high calibre businesses through transformation, growth and consolidation.

Strategy & Business Development

The MBS Group has a long track record appointing strategy and business development directors. Since the announcement of the new Living Wage, clients have also called on us to find leaders to re-engineer their productivity models.

Digital, Ecommerce & Tech

As technology continues to develop at a significant pace, digital teams need to be able to unite by strong, nimble leaders - whether they are leading pureplay and tech businesses or leading a digital transformation in a traditional business. Hiring such leaders requires a new lens for viewing talent, based on potential rather than merely experience.


Research and development rewards disrupters with both an entrepreneurial spirit and the skills to carry a concept through to completion. Product innovation increasingly calls for new leaders dealing with new technologies, and we are experts at identifying those with the right potential.

Supply Chain & Logistics

With increasing globalisation and rapid rollouts across many consumer sectors, combined with the demands of the modern consumer, today's supply chain and logistics operations can make or break company's reputations with serious consequences on the bottom line. Businesses therefore need reliable supply chain and logistics leaders who can evolve and adapt.

Shared Services

Outsourcing back-office functions is designed to maximise efficiency, but without flexible and motivated people it can miss the mark. These roles require multi-talented and collaborative leaders, and we are experienced in scoping and developing tailored shared services strategies.


Across all consumer-facing industries, we have experience placing communications professionals who understand how to build engagement, raise profiles and excel with dynamic stakeholders in the media, changing consumer habits and political and legislative uncertainty.