Diversity & Inclusion

Our commitment to driving greater diversity and inclusion in the consumer sectors

D&I champions for over thirty years

The MBS Group is proud to partner with businesses across consumer sectors globally to develop diverse leadership teams, ensuring their senior executive and non-executive leaders are as diverse as their workforce and customers

What D&I means to us

We take a broad view when it comes to diversity. Gender, ethnicity, social mobility, sexual orientation, age, nationality, disability and neurodiversity are all important factors to promote diversity of thought. So too, are the career paths leaders have followed, including sector and functional experience.

Why it matters

Ultimately, our view at The MBS Group is simple: businesses that fail to prioritise diversity and inclusion – especially now – will suffer as they find themselves outrun by their more forward-thinking competitors. This practically manifests itself through both a commercial performance, and a ‘moral compass’, lens

What we're doing about it

At the core of everything we do

We put D&I at the heart of each and every mandate – from start to finish – and we commit that every longlist we present will contain at least 50% diverse candidates

Actively tracking diverse talent

We actively track and mentor diverse talent the world over – from up-and-comers to established board members – across the consumer sectors, and in all key functions

Borne out in our results

Over the last three years we are proud to have advised on the appointment of over 100 female, black or ethnic minority leaders into critical roles within our sectors

Partnering with others

We work with external bodies at the forefront of their industries to actively help shape the D&I agenda, making our sectors spaces within which all talent can thrive. Ongoing partnerships include the British Retail Consortium, IGD and WiHTL.

Active in the community

Our partners and directors play an active role in driving diversity in our sectors. For example, our leaders at MBS sit on the WiHTL Advisory Board and are a longstanding judge on the prestigious Veuve Clicquot businesswoman awards - and we are an early signatory to the UK Government’s Code of Conduct.

Holding up a mirror to the sector

In partnership with PwC, through extensive, in-depth interviews and research, we are supporting our sectors by producing the definitive data on D&I in our sectors – as well as highlighting pockets of best practice and nuanced challenges.

MBS Intelligence

Our latest research, analysis and thinking about diversity and inclusion

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Diversity & Inclusion

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Diversity & Inclusion

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Diversity & Inclusion

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Diversity & Inclusion

Writing for Vogue in March last year, journalist and model Madison Lawson recounted her experience at New York Fashion Week. “At one point,” she wrote, “my personal assistant had to throw me over her shoulder and drag my chair up the steps behind...

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