Accelerating the pace of change: the WiHTL & DiR Annual Report 2023

The MBS Group is delighted to present in-depth research into diversity in the hospitality, travel and leisure sectors, published as part of WiHTL & DiR’s annual report.

This analysis draws on data captured from the 200 biggest businesses in HTL, plus in-depth conversations with Chairs, CEOs and HRDs about the steps being taken to move the dial.

We found that there’s real momentum to build an industry in which everyone is welcome. But progress is slowing, and deliberate action is needed:

• A large majority – 90% – of HTL companies have coordinated D&I strategies

• There’s been no meaningful change on the representation of women or people of colour since last year

• Half of HTL companies still have all-white Boards

• Fewer than a quarter of HTL companies have specific initiatives to drive up diversity

• Fewer than a third of HTL companies have measurable goals and targets related to D&I

You can read the full report here.