What can sports learn from the consumer playbook?

In whichever direction you look, the sports industry is transforming: fan habits are evolving, games are getting more diverse and sport media is being reimagined. The space is also becoming increasingly global, attracting billions of dollars in investment.

Against this backdrop, organisations in sport are rushing to formalise and professionalise their approach to growth. And, from a leadership and strategy perspective, many businesses are beginning to think more deliberately about how sport fits into the wider consumer ecosystem.

Our latest white paper – How sports can learn from the consumer playbook – explores this in depth. Based on insights from Chairs, non-executives, and c-suite leaders at sports clubs, leagues, events organisers and governing bodies, this white paper looks at how the global sport industry has evolved; what consumer-sector talent could bring to sports; what executives can expect when moving between industries, and what makes a successful leader in sports.

You can read the full report here.